Suzhou Howsine Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

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         We constantly seek ways to improve our quality systems and welcome any suggestions from our customers or regulatory groups on how to do this.
         We have the following procedures in our quality systems to monitor the quality of products throughout the whole manufacturing process and even up to inventory:  
l         Raw Material Quality Inspection (RMQ)
l         In-Process Quality Inspection (IPQ)
l         Final Product Quality Inspection (FPQ)
l         Certificate of Analysis (COA) for our every lot of products
l         Maintain retained samples for each lot for at least one year
l         Shelf-life analysis data
List of Analytical Techniques used in the Inspection of Products include: 
l         Chromatography (HPLC, TLC, GC, IC)
l         Chromatography coupled to MS (LC-MS/ESI)
l         Spectroscopy (UV, IR, NMR)
l         Refractometry
l         Polarimetry
l         Metallic Analysis (AAS, ICP, ICP-MS)